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Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle (Steel)

Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle (Steel)

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Astrological sign: Works on all signs

Primary Chakra: Works on all chakras

The Clear Quartz is a very versatile healing stone with very high vibrations and has shown to enhance and strengthen the aura. It is often used to activate, clear and align all of the chakras. The Clear Quartz is a powerful energy cleanser. It evokes the energy of positivity, clarity and wisdom.

  • Wisdom and clarity
  • Energy booster
  • Awareness and focus
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual cleanser


Please note that as our crystals are natural, each stone may vary slightly with shape, size and colour. We cannot exchange bottles based on colour/size/shape preference.

Bottles are designed to carry water only, preferably filtered water.

Bottle capacity: Approximately 500ml (depending on crystal size)

Stainless steel cap and base.

Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, please remove crystal, lid and base before wash.