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Obsidian, the stone of truth

The Obsidian is a distinctive stone. Formed when the lava extruded from a volcano cools down quickly, it takes on a black and glassy appearance. Because it is formed in very energetic environments, the Obsidian is a very powerful crystal.

Obsidian Gem Chalice
The Obsidian is believed to reveal never-ending secrets, both about the inner world of a person and the workings of the universe.

This stone is known for protecting the owner from bad energy, and forms a shelter against pessimism by absorbing pessimistic energies from it surroundings.


Healing properties

Protect from Negativity
Being a black stone, Obsidian protects its owner against the negative energies faced throughout the day and absorbs all in itself. It also helps in letting go of the stress and anxiety that the owner faces day to day. It blocks the negativity of any kind.

Mood protector
Obsidian is the stone for the compassionate and temperate people of the world. It might help in protecting those who are very susceptible to depression.

Emotional healer
With Obsidian being such a powerful stone, it can provide a really strong emotional healing energy. It can help in releasing any sorts of addictions, eating disorders, negative behaviours and emotional blockages.

Body healer
This stone has been considered for improvement of the blood flow in the body, which helps with the healing of wounds and is also great for healing cold feet and hands. Obsidian has also been known to be used in conjunction with the treatment of the arthritis pain, joint problems, cramps, indigestions and anxiety attacks.


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